I specialize in photo-realism, full color and black and grey tattoos of all sizes. I enjoy creating cutting edge compositions and full custom tattooing!

"Bane took about 3 hours. He is one of the various Marvel and D.C. Comics baddies on my client Kyle Guidry. We have done Thanos, Venom, Dr. Doom, and the Joker. We are now working on some pretty killer backgrounds to accompany each. Bringing these monsters from the big screen to Kyle's arm has definitely been an adventure; and I'm looking forward to our next session!"-Bobby

"Military vets often get tattoos to resemble a significant event or time while he or she was serving to preserve the memory in a physical way...."


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Little guy from today! DM me to book something! 😊 #ladybugs #ladybugs🐞 #ladybugtattoo #tattoo ...

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Cute little doggy prints today for a client. I can’t stress how happy it makes me to put something on my clients body that will make them happy everytime they see it, and it can be forever with them. Hit me up if you’d like to book something, i got time this week! ...

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Newest tattoo! Hmu to book! *not original artwork* ...

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Excuse the blood but I enjoyed doing something different! 😊 DM to book! ...

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One of my favorites that i’ve done!! 🥰 #eyetattoo #tatoo #tattooideas #trippy #trippyart #trippytattoo #swirl #eyebrows #eyebrowsonfleek ...

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