Jeremy is a national award-winning tattoo artist, painter, and creator with 30 years experience in the industry. He specializes in serious coverups and black & grey as well as full color realism. When he’s not tattooing, he’s busy in his garage, building motorcycles, powder coating, and making movie props. Jeremy is always up for a new challenge and loves to help his clients envision their next custom tattoo.

I really enjoy the wide variety of subject matter I tattoo. From real life subject portraits to Science Fiction and horror characters. My love of cinema drives me to bring the screen to skin. 

Powered by pure metal and gasoline

“ You cannot kill what you did not create.”

– Corey Taylor 


At a very early age I was introduced to the motorcycle/ biker subculture and through it, I gained a love for all things on the fringe of society. Heavy music, horror cinema, and the the art of David Mann. His centerfold paintings in EASYRIDER magazine made a big impact on me. 

I’ve also been a die hard heavy metal fan since I was in high school. I went to tons of shows and met a lot of friends who would become my future client base. 

Metallica, Pantera, KORN and Slipknot,are just a few influences. I’ve tattooed quite a few of my metal heroes along the way too. Paul Booth really took me under his wing on the TATTOO THE EARTH TOUR. I learned alot about the business of promotion from him. Some of my favorite pieces I’ve tattooed are the movie monsters from Rob Zombie’s films and album covers from my youth. I guess I draw my inspiration from everything around me.



Hours: Mon-Sat 12-8PM | Sun Appointment Only