Whether you dance naked around the campfire or go to church on Sunday, there is something about the need to look into the cosmos and wonder. Tattoos are an amazing divination that permanently express our past, present and future. They mark our struggles and triumphs, our strengths and weaknesses and most of all tells OUR story. There is nothing more

rewarding in my craft than sitting down with you listening to your story and composing a piece meant entirely for YOUR human and esoteric adventures. 

My Inspiration

My mom and dad who made a huge deal about a tiny evergreen picture I drew when I was very young, they framed it, hung it on the wall and allowed me to live in my very own art gallery. I could list a billion people but nothing compares to that one amazing act of love and

creativity of my fucking fabulous parents!

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere....."

Carl Sagan



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