Whether you dance naked around the campfire or go to church on Sunday, there is something about the need to look into the cosmos and wonder. Tattoos are an amazing divination that permanently express our past, present and future. They mark our struggles and triumphs, our strengths and weaknesses and most of all tells OUR story. There is nothing more

rewarding in my craft than sitting down with you listening to your story and composing a piece meant entirely for YOUR human and esoteric adventures.

My Inspiration

My mom and dad who made a huge deal about a tiny evergreen picture I drew when I was very young, they framed it, hung it on the wall and allowed me to live in my very own art gallery. I could list a billion people but nothing compares to that one amazing act of love and

creativity of my fucking fabulous parents!

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere..…”

Carl Sagan



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How do take advantage of this crazy time? Well dang it you get some GUACAMOLIES!!!! Miles Niko you are stellar! #mommieslittlemonster #puzzlepower #itsguacamoletime #justsmooshit #guacamolies #youtubehereicome #wordup #lookformeonthebigscreen ...

It feels absolutely AMAZINGGGG outside right now. 9:35 am 64簞 high of 75簞. I know that's a norm for some of you but to us woodland folk this is the time we wake from hibernation. (mentally, obviously if we hibernated literally, we wouldn't be fighting covid-19) anyway we plan camping and festivals, dancing around huge campfires....drunk off meade....not that I would know anything about that or anything. tanlines and flip flops, cottoncandy and elephant ears, road trips, picnics and lemonade, CONCERTS oh man that's real summer stuff, bringing our people together in one place to hug, show off all our new tattoos and drink and fight it out to become closer. Call me hippie if you want too but go outside and look to the sky and connect with that energy however that comes for you...and call and will healing to happen! We, each and EVERYONE OF US have been put on ice. We all got grounded down. We have fought, destroyed, killed, and although we may do great things as well it's just not enough, we have been out of balance for way to long. Are you kidding me EVERYONE I know was so tired and drained. Wanting to spend more time with our kids. Use this time. Make those decisions you never had time to handle. Call your people. Repair things. Make unuseful things beautiful. People are dying a terrible death and if we can't be the people on the frontlines then do what you can from a safe distance. But above all be alone in your thoughts for a moment. Step outside in the morning alone. Listen to the trees. The quiet. Let the birds tell you what's happening in the world not the news. Shut the electricity in your home to low. Heal those around you by starting with YOU everytime you can.
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Rafiki says " it is time" pull those grills and chairs right in the damn front yard, set up a "stay in your own yard block party". Yell down the street, across the street whatever. Encourage your neighbors to do the same. Get your kids running if you haven't been. Fuck it its gonna be 75 TODAY! today is a great day!

Please remember it's the little things and as Morrison said
"Take a long holiday
Let your children play"

Keep them safe and let them play...... in the damn mud. Live classy healthy Indy. Xo

Checking in Tattoo family! The flash that's going to be going around! #covid_19 the only Corona I want to hear about after this is the icy lime ones! Keep it classy healthy world. ...

Let me know when YOU are ready to eat Wicca for breakfast fluffy bunnies.
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While listening to NPR radio I got to capture a glimpse of this tiny spark of civil disobedience. This creative little seed that will sprout and with enough love, nudges and free thinking hopefully will explode into a movement.
Miles- "Mom I just don't get it?"
Me- " Me either Miles, me either..." You know all it takes, no matter their age (Miles just turned 6), is us. Us as parents talking to our kids about the truth. Talking to them about how incredibly blessed that we do not battle things like dictator slave labor HOWEVER teaching them that just because we do not live it or in real life see it that it doesn't exist. We have to help, acknowledge and reach out in anyway we are capable. It's very real for someone and it has to stop. #milessaysstandup

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