I specialize in photo-realism, full color and black and grey tattoos of all sizes. I enjoy creating cutting edge compositions and full custom tattooing!

An original of mine. I’m always into mixing styles from black n grey to color, it’s always super dynamic.

Tattoos aren’t meant for everybody and they’re too goddamn good for some people.”

– Lyle Tuttle, tattoo artist, author, and lecturer.


When I started art I never even thought of tattooing. I spent some years just being a kid, but then as junior year of high school came about I had the chance to get a head start in an art career and went through a vocational school in Ohio for graphic art. By 18 I had a tattoo machine and was already on my way to getting started… fast forward 13 years I’ve now been in shops a substantial amount of time to have been able to find just the right touch. I love black n grey realism, mandalas, geometric/ pattern work and everything in between. 



Nice ditch to elbow session done
Bottom half is healed

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Hoping to see this one again soon ...

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Idk how this one slipped by me ...

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Last one of 2020, This was his first tattoo. Thanks again @matthew.poole20 ...

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Gettin some results in with @notkrissybaker ...... 95% healed with some touch ups we had just done ...

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Flowers ...

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Some black work animals raven and compass are healed ...

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One from awhile back just never had good pics.... this is healed ...

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