I specialize in photo-realism, full color and black and grey tattoos of all sizes. I enjoy creating cutting edge compositions and full custom tattooing!

An original of mine. I’m always into mixing styles from black n grey to color, it’s always super dynamic.

"Tattoos aren't meant for everybody and they're too goddamn good for some people."

- Lyle Tuttle, tattoo artist, author, and lecturer.


When I started art I never even thought of tattooing. I spent some years just being a kid, but then as junior year of high school came about I had the chance to get a head start in an art career and went through a vocational school in Ohio for graphic art. By 18 I had a tattoo machine and was already on my way to getting started... fast forward 13 years I’ve now been in shops a substantial amount of time to have been able to find just the right touch. I love black n grey realism, mandalas, geometric/ pattern work and everything in between. 



Gettin some results in with @notkrissybaker ...... 95% healed with some touch ups we had just done ...

14 2

Flowers ...

34 1

Some black work animals raven and compass are healed ...

23 1

One from awhile back just never had good pics.... this is healed ...

22 0

Freshie fresh ...

22 0

I’ve always wanted to post this but it’s has this stencil line on the inside of the wrist the looks like it connects things that weren’t connected.... so bare with me but this is one of my favorites I’ve done in the last year or so ...

29 3

An oldie but a goodie... Tough chick and awesome client. ...

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